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Our Art community is alive and well here at Westlawn, with students having art one day a week! From drawing to painting, clay to sculpture work, textiles and more, our artists really shine! Each year the curriculum allows each child to experience a large variety of mediums as well as learn about a diverse array of artists! Each year has a theme, starting with self in kindergarten, moving to family (1st), community (2nd), culture (3rd), time (4th), global awareness (5th), and ultimately bringing everything together with identity in 6th grade. As they grow in their art learning they will get to dig into the many principles of art and design as well as practice good artistic habits.

We also share our art with the community around us! We collaborate with other schools in FCPS to create artwork for the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, have art shown in FCPS arts shows around the area, as well as having an art night celebration where the whole family can enjoy art making together.  We love to see you in art!

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Creative and Critical Thinking Lab

During the Creative and Critical Thinking special, students listen to stories and participate in fun experiences centered on one of nine creative and critical thinking strategies, such as visualization or questioning. Every lesson gives students an opportunity to practice their new thinking skill and extend their creativity. The goal is for students to adopt these new ways of thinking and transfer them over to traditional academic subjects. CCT is supported by our Advanced Academics Program (AAP) and our STEAM lab.

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Band is a weekly special that is included in our master calendar.  Students do not have to miss their other studies to be involved in band.  Any 5th or 6th grade student can sign up!  The choices you have are flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, tuba or percussion.  If you stay on your same instrument from 5th grade to 6th grade, you are eligible to be in the Advanced Band!  You may also try a different instrument in 6th grade if you want to explore your other choices.  We perform two concerts every year - a winter concert in December and a spring concert in June.  All students get to perform at both concerts.  Other optional activities we do include our Jingle Bell stroll in December, an area band day/performance with the Falls Church High School Band, the District Ten Solo and Ensemble Festival and our marching band parade.  Sign ups begin in late spring and conclude around the third week of the school year.  Hope to see you playing an instrument in the Westlawn Band!

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Students in fifth grade and sixth grade have the opportunity to join our chorus, which meets weekly. In order to qualify for chorus, students must demonstrate appropriate behavior, personal responsibility, and receive their teacher's approval to leave the classroom. Students in chorus learn vocal technique, how to take care of their voice, and how to perform for an audience. Students perform twice annually for Westlawn at the Winter and Spring concerts. Students also have the occasional opportunity to perform elsewhere, such as singing the National Anthem before a Falls Church High School football game or singing at the DC Cherry Blossom Festival. Exceptional choral students have the opportunity to join the 6th Grade All County Choral Festival.

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General Music

All Westlawn students take General Music as a special during each week. During General Music students have opportunities to learn how to read music, play instruments such as the xylophone and the recorder, participate in musical theater performances, sing songs from around the globe, and participate in rhythm activities.

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Strings is a weekly special available to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. The instrument choices are violin, viola, cello, and bass. We have two concerts each year and various other performance opportunities. This is a great group of students to be a part of!

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Physical Education

All students participate in the Physical Education special multiple times per week. Primary students (K-2) have PE three times per week, and upper grades students (3-6) have PE two times per week. During PE, students learn the rules for a variety of sports ranging from floor hockey to gymnastics. Students also learn about the effect of exercise on the human body, the major muscles and their locations, and participate in physical fitness tests and challenges. Students also learn physical skills that go beyond any specific sport, such as the control of a ball, balance, rhythm, and how coordinated movement as a group can produce different forces. Personal discipline, attention to form, good sportsmanship, and an understanding of healthy competition are also visited routinely across all PE units.

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Upper grades students have the opportunity to participate in a STEAM special. During the STEAM special students have a chance to revisit various science principles at their grade level, engage in hands-on robotics across a variety of kits, practice teamwork and communication skills while utilizing the engineering design process, explore coding, and engage with our 3D printer. Our STEAM teacher, Ms. Winters, routinely shares adventures from STEAM classes on Twitter.

Moments from STEAM Classes

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