Vision and Mission

What we believe. What we do.


Our vision is a school focused on the following areas:

  • Focus on the total child, 
  • Engagement of students in the learning environment,
  • Thoughtful selection of strategies based on the needs of students,
  • Collaboration, 
  • Shared sense of responsibility.


  • To provide a safe and meaningful environment in which all students and staff members grow.
  • To create partnerships among staff, students and parents. 
  • To foster critical thinking and problem solving. 
  • To have high expectations for staff and student learning.
  • To celebrate the individual growth and success of students and staff.


We are collectively committed to:

  • Celebrating the academic achievements of our students;
  • Engaging students in interesting and fun learning activities; 
  • Developing caring relationships with each of our students;
  • Working collaboratively with colleagues on common goals;
  • Being a community of teacher leaders and learners.