Creative and Critical Thinking Lab

Creative and Critical Thinking Lab

During the Creative and Critical Thinking special, students listen to stories and participate in fun experiences centered on one of nine creative and critical thinking strategies, such as visualization or questioning. Every lesson gives students an opportunity to practice their new thinking skill and extend their creativity. The goal is for students to adopt these new ways of thinking and transfer them over to traditional academic subjects. CCT is supported by our Advanced Academics Program (AAP) and our STEAM lab.

Moments from Creative and Critical Thinking Lab

Our Creative and Critical Thinking Lab Specialist

Additional Staff Supporting Creative and Critical Thinking Lab

  • Gifted Education Teacher, ES

    Gretchen Maxwell has been a part of the Westlawn community for 15 years. She was first a parent volunteer, then a substitute teacher, next the 6th grade AAP teacher, and now the Advanced Academics Resource Teacher. She is fully AAP endorsed and is looking forward to her new role! She enjoys hiking every weekend with her high school teacher husband, reading, and catching up with her daughters who are away at college.

  • Resource Teacher, ES