Second Graders Enjoy a Virtual Visit from an Author

By Alanna Dushok
November 10, 2022

On November 10, second grade students at Westlawn had the opportunity to participate in a virtual visit with author Susan B. Katz, who recently published the book Gaudi - Architect of Imagination. During the visit, students remained in their classrooms and participated in the virtual visit via Zoom. Not only did students learn about the architect Gaudi, they also played games, shared their thoughts, asked questions, reviewed the writing process, and learned about the steps they might need to take in order to become authors one day. At the end of the visit, students even received a wonderful gift: a copy of the book of their very own to take home and enjoy for years to come!

This opportunity was facilitated by reading coach Casey Davidow, who partnered with the nonprofit An Open Book Foundation. Ms. Davidow, who has partnered with An Open Book Foundation in the past, describes the organization as “incredible,” and added, “They go out of their way to get beautiful, impactful books in the hands of every kid and to connect students with authors who inspire all students to see themselves as creators.”

Students and teachers were also thrilled with the virtual visit. Ms. Holmes said, “Students especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful illustrations and learning that the story takes place in Barcelona.” Ms. Kowalski added, “Many of my students loved the fact that Ms. Katz spoke both English and Spanish. After the visit was over, one student immediately stood up and said they were ready to start working on a story of their own!”

Inspirational, indeed. Please enjoy these pictures of students engaged in the virtual visit and receiving copies of their new book!