Westlawn Recognizes Bob Blagriff

Thirteen Dedicated Years of Service to Westlawn

Accolades and Awards
October 14, 2019

Westlawn ES recognizes and thanks Bob Blagriff, Technology Support Specialist, for his 13 years of service to Westlawn. Mr. Blagriff is the Technology Support Specialist at Westlawn ES and Graham Road ES. In that role, he keeps two schools' entire computer networks up and running. He is always available to fix any problem with a laptop, a projector, or an email account. Teachers and staff would be lost without his help with their technology issues. Mr. Blagriff will retire at the end of November, and MANY people at Westlawn will miss him dearly. 

Thank you, Bob, for everything you have done for us here at Westlawn!