What’s Good Wednesday: February

By Kara Andrews-Pastor
February 06, 2024

What’s Good Wednesday is our weekly celebration about Westlawn’s social-emotional learning (SEL) wins. In elementary school, SEL is incredibly important because it teaches students valuable skills like understanding and managing their emotions, interacting positively with others, and making responsible decisions. These skills are not only beneficial for academic success but also for navigating the complexities of life beyond the classroom. By integrating SEL into the curriculum, schools create an environment where students feel supported and empowered to develop empathy, build healthy relationships, and thrive both academically and personally. SEL sets the stage for students to become well-rounded individuals equipped with the tools they need to succeed in school and in life.

This month we are featuring SEL and science and social studies. Read on to learn about what we are doing at Westlawn, and how parents and caregivers can continue to support SEL at home. And, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest #WGW news every Wednesday morning in your social media feeds.

February 7, 2024

What's Good Wednesday voyages back to uncover how Ancient China’s civilizations have geographically changed over time. Find out more from your 3rd grader on how architecture, inventions, calendars, and written language have influenced our modern world.

In 6th grade, students are gaining an understanding of life during Colonial America through deep discussion on questions like "How do beliefs and values shape governments?", "Where does freedom come from?", and "In what ways might people resolve their differences?" Ask your historian (child) about life during Colonial America.

February 21, 2024

What's Good Wednesday takes an investigative journey into the world of science. Second grade is discovering matter and the forces that can and cause motion. Throughout stations, they explore how force is the energy applied to move an object and motion is the change in position due to the force applied. At home, you can continue the fun experimenting with the forces of magnetism, gravity, push/pull, friction, and acceleration.  

Kara Andrews-Pastor is Westlawn’s SEL coach. She works with staff to ensure that SEL best practices are used throughout the building and to ensure that staff and students can build deep, meaningful relationships that help optimize student learning. Email Ms. Andrews.