Westlawn's Parent Ambassadors

Parents helping parents connect to the school community

What is a Parent Ambassador?

A Parent Ambassador is a parent who speaks one of the primary languages within the school community and volunteers to help acclimate other parents to the school system and its resources.

What do Parent Ambassadors do for the Westlawn Community?

Parent Ambassadors support parents who are brand-new to a school.  They provide school tours and help link parents to both school staff and school resources.  They also assist parents during school events such as Open House, Back to School Night, Math and Literacy nights, PTA meeting, and parent-teacher conferences. For example, a Parent Ambassador might provide information on how to navigate the event or even accompany a parent during an event.  Parent Ambassador frequently wear a sign or badge to let arriving families know which languages they speak.

How did this initiative get started?

In the Fall of 2017, Westlawn Elementary School contacted the Family Engagement Representative (FER) at Family and School Partnerships and asked if the FER would work with Westlawn's Parent Liasion, Hilda Reyes, to start the program at Westlawn.  

    How are Parent Liasion's chosen?

    At Westlawn, Hilda Reyes, who is our Parent Liaison, recruited our Parent Ambassadors.

    Who are Westlawn's wonderful Parent Ambassadors?

    • Milagro Argueta
    • Claudia Avilés
    • Julieta Almendras
    • Deiby Brizuela
    • Rosemary Cáceres
    • María Mamani
    • Flor Méndez
    • Olivia Paredes
    • Janet Rodríguez
    • Silvia Salazar
    • Paula Vásquez
    • Rhina Zamora de Pénate

    If you would like to know more about Westlawn's Parent Ambassador program, please contact Hilda Reyes by phone at 703-241-5125 or by email at @email.